R.M.T., Manual Therapist
Founder of Wellspring Therapy Group

Sean PotterSean has been practicing manual therapy, therapeutic massage and body / mind energy medicine in Alberta since 1995. He began in Banff as 1 of the first 3 therapists to be hired on at the inception of the spa at the Fairmont Banff Springs but actually began practicing acupressure as a child. He was taught how to do acupressure and reflexology by his physiotherapist mother and grandmother. At age 14, he took his first course in Therapeutic Touch™.

He has worked on over 25,000 clients to date and developed a framework for optimal health around the tools and protocols developed through over two decades of dedicated study and clinical experience.

His educational history includes massage therapy at the [Edgar] Cayce/Reilly School of Massotherapy in Virginia Beach and the Alberta College of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. It was while studying Chinese medicine that Sean realized his true calling was to work with hands and words instead of needles and herbs. He has acquired certificates in over 60 healthcare modality workshops including Jin Shin Do Bodymind Acupressure, and Parama Bodytalk. He has instructed courses in anatomy, physiology, pathology and massage therapy at the Wild Rose College of Natural Healing for several years and currently continues study with the Institute of Integrative Manual Therapy.

Sean Potter is one of the most talented and skilled body workers / healers that I know. With his amazing range of skills and intuitive touch, he has a knack for getting to the root cause of the situation.
For those who are open-minded to what the future of body work will become and eager to heal at all levels (mentally, physically and spiritually) I highly recommend him.

- Jeff Mah

I began seeing Sean when I was at my wits end in managing monthly headaches and neck pain. I had tried many other therapies to find relief but could only temporarily alleviate the pain. After just 3 IMT sessions, I was well on my way to pain free months. After each visit, my headache was completely relieved and the symptoms were totally gone by the fourth visit. I would highly recommend integrative manual therapy and Sean, in particular, to those looking to target the root cause of their symptoms and heal their body. Sean goes beyond traditional therapies and offers a unique and highly effective process that truly works.
- Kerri McGovern

Once a super high-energy, running at a million miles an hour person, I was felled by a serious virus in December of 2010. After several months of debilitating illness and a Dr's preliminary diagnosis of post-viral syndrome, a friend recommended that I make an appointment to see Sean Potter. This remains one of the most important pieces of advice I have ever received.

I was immediately impressed by Sean's professional manner and his extensive knowledge and experience. I had been offered no course of treatment by western medicine, but Sean provided me with a plan which included dietary changes, supplement advice, and adaptations to my lifestyle. His treatments made a tangible difference to my well-being, and I felt for the first time that my body, mind, and spirit were being acknowledged simultaneously to bring me back to health.

Sean's treatments are unique and highly effective, and the vital knowledge he shares empowered me to actively participate in my own recovery. Sean's guidance has been invaluable in getting me back to a place of vitality.

Thriving under his care, I was eager to share his approach to health with my family. He has an easy and amiable manner with children, and my son Sammy has seen substantial improvement from treatments for his asthma. My husband Robin, healthy and strong, has been greatly impressed by Sean's skills in treating sports injuries, and sees Sean to stay in optimal running and racing condition.

I welcome this opportunity to share my family's overwhelmingly positive experience with Sean Potter. He is an integral part of my family's healthcare team, and I give him the absolute highest recommendation.
- Mary Sullivan


Sean Potter's clinic schedule: Monday – Friday, 8am – 8pm
**NOTE** When the first appointment of the day is booked will determine the end time of his work day

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The Wellspring Therapy Group offers an opportunity for goal-oriented individuals to achieve optimal health by processing and transforming physical ailments.

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– Aristotle

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